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Hate creating bitcrushed/synthwavey music for your games? I've got you. I've made 34 tracks/loops for people who wanna make games, but hate making music. 

I plan on making more in the future, so stay tuned.

(All of my tracks are CC BY licensed; you may do whatever you’d like to them, but you should give credit to me if you do.) 

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TagsHorror, Music, PSX (PlayStation), Synthwave


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Misc. OST.zip 23 MB


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These are some really awesome tracks!


This is pretty slick. Do you mind sharing what you used to make it?

Great stuff! Might be worth uploading the files as WAV or MP3 or something. I'm testing using them in Unity and M4A doesn't work with Unity(Not sure about Godot or Unreal but I'd assume they are similar). I'm sure most game engines work with MP3 and WAV. I'd recommend WAV since it's an uncompressed lossless format. Anyway, again love the tracks keep up the good work!


Aw, thanks! 

Also, they were simply generated as M4A files. There are M4A/MP3 converters out there though.

Yeah that's what I ended up doing haha I was mentioning it more as a suggestion so future people wouldn't have to go find a converter it would just work out of the box. 

Cool tracks!

Thank you!


Hi, thank you so much for this! This is what i've been looking for. I am a music producer too, so perhaps i want to readjust/remake/remix some of your tracks to better fit my game. Of course i will credit you as well. Is this allowed?

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Of course! Simply credit me as the original composer.

thanks dude, will do that


These are cool. Whats the license?


They're free licensed...if that's even a word. If I'm completely honest, I don't know much about copyright laws and such and such. I just make music.


i, and i also imagine many others, would feel uncomfortable using a free asset without a license listed, so it'd be nice if you added one. If you want a simple to understand one that allows people to use it freely but requires crediting you, i'd recommend the CC-BY license, you can read more about it here


This is much appreciated as someone who doesn’t really know much about copyright. Thank you! ❤️


If you love making music, I would recommend to start researching more about copyright, not only will it save you hassle in future it will help you grow your possible music career.